This blog is all about our furry kids, Rain and Shine.

Rain came to our family on 24 Aug 2008 and it was raining non stop. That’s how he gets his name.

Ironically, Frasir had a dream asking Bee where is ‘Shine’ before even Shine exist. Bee’s answer was, in the dream of course, “at the kitchen loh.”

So one sunny Saturday afternoon, they went and found Shine and brought her back to the pack. And she is call Shine because it was a sunny day.

Interestingly, Shine was born on the 24th Aug 2008, the very day Rain came to our pack. Still, interestingly, Shine loves the kitchen and we often joke that in Shine’s mind, she would love to have her room in the kitchen, especially in the fridge – where all the food is …


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