Loving memories for Yuki (linked post)

Loving memories for Yuki

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I like to share my experience with regards to Shine: there was an outing during CNY this year to Sentosa, where it is the first time Shine gets to swim.

Upon arrival, there is one “enthusiastic individual” starts to grab her from Mama and threw her to the sea. Shine was in shock. Furthermore, that individual was literally holding on to Shine and expect Shine to “pull” this person to shore. It is obvious that Shine was drowning and this person did not even notice it.

I rushed over, pull Shine out of the sea and reprimanded this “person”. I can’t imagine what will happen if I allow the “zealous activity” to carry on. That person is obviously offended, but I couldn’t care more.

Totally not related to the article, but I want to tell dog owner that you ought to be guardian for your kid and do not expect others to do so on your behalf. Unless you know that your fellow outing mates are responsible and mature individual.

Take care of your kid, you only have them once.
~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

Yuki ;

Y ou’ll never be forgotten
U nconditionally loved forever & ever
K ept in heart, again & again
I cry, I miss, I pray for u – forever

~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

Such are the thoughts that owners want to let Yuki know.
What seems to be a bright sunny day of fun at Sentosa, turned out to a devastating turning point in their life. Yuki, their favourite miniature schnauzer, collasped after a swim in the sea. Though her owner tried to save her & to send her to the vet in the shortest time possible, Yuki could not survive the ordeal. Vet advised that the highest possibility of death is due to heart failure, which some breeds are much more proned to, this includes the miniature schnauzers & it might struck even younger dogs like Yuki which is only about 2 yrs old.
We should try to safeguard our precious & prevent exposing them to unknown risk.
This are some of the pointers that we have gained through this experience.

1. Do not expose your dog to sudden highly vigorous exercise if Fido hasn’t been on a regular exercise regime. Build it up slowly, just to be sure the lil heart can take it

2. Regular checkups at the vet annually to ensure no signs of heart murmur/ disease, which is one of the highest killer, other than cancer.

3. It might be heatstroke, so ensure that lucky has enough fresh water & shelter to cool down. Try to keep them indoors when the sun is too scorching, especially for short muzzled dogs or dogs w thick coat.

4. Drowning might be one possibility. If it’s the 1st time your darling is going swimming, be sure to support her at all times to make sure her head doesn’t go underwater. A lifejacket might be a wise choice to add to her wardrobe.

In times of emergency, we ought to stay calm and try to locate a heartbeat by feeling in between the mid thigh for a pulse. If there is still a pulse, it would be best to rush her down to the vet without moving her too much. Get yourself trained in basic canine CPR would be good in times of emergency.

~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

Pets’ Zone wishes to help as many owners as possible by letting you know the risk that your dogs might be exposed to, beyond your expectations. Last but not least, I know that Yuki, now a lil angel in heaven woud be watching over her owners. =)

Christina Ang

Doreen , our beloved groomer & her baby, Yuki

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