Eh … another Saturday outing loh …

Welcome to Animal Resort, I’m d mascot of this place
We have many animals here, and most of them live freely
Yeah, like me … free like a bird
Hello, I’m not loh …
Forget it Ah White, Rabbit must live in captivity. Else the dogs will hunt us
Shine: 哥哥, this place looks good …
Rain: Yeah, I start to like it …
Zhu: Did I hear good? Really? Let me check with Auntie Ginger
Ginger: I … I … I … just want to hunt some birds and catch a fish … {whine}
Shine: Auntie Ginger is 消喳膊{Hokkien}, better don’t say anything bad about her …
Rain: yeah, I think better go Bishan Dog Run before Auntie Ginger gone mad like last time … 爸, move it … com’on … double up …

So everyone move to BDR, and meet up with sexy butt, JoJo …

JoJo: Eh ~ take my right cheek … not the face, my butt cheek lah
Rain: AH ~ ~ stop licking my P****…. *&#%& ~~
日本柴犬: I’m just try to be friendly … you don’t like? How about introduce me your 妹妹?
Shine: buzz off … I only like Samoyed ….
Rain: I like to bite white furry backside … {evil grin}

So the animals … dogs specifically … had fun and the battery flatted … fulfilling the evil scheme of their pawrents …

~ snoring ~
Eee … Lau Chwee Nua … we think he is having a good feast with Grandpa 周 …

~ Good Night ~


One response to “Eh … another Saturday outing loh …

  1. hahahhaa…jojo also peng san (hokkien) the moment we reached home…bathed her the first thing we reached home! hahhaa..poor jojo..kena peed by other

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