Pets Gadget …

Take a look at the YouTube video, I think the motorise brush is really cool. Just look at how the cows enjoy it and our furry kids love belly rub. Someone come out with a smaller version for our pooch, please:

Next is a high voltage pet brush, that, as it claims, kills fleas … ticks … maybe pet as well. Well, your pet may not get killed, but how would they react when they kind of get electric-shock. Just be sure you put on full amour and your pet are secured in place. Use at your own risk. (Btw, this product from China)

Finally, a Hamster’s rocket. OK, it doesn’t come with fuse nor move. But the ads of this “product” is really funny …

“The Hamster Rocket Ship Funhouse allows your furry little rodent to pretend he has all the opportunity of a NASA astronaut, while simultaneously making your hamster into a viable “pew pewing” device. As Captain Cricetinae takes to the skies, he will encounter all sorts of odd beasts (cats, dogs, scary children with firecrackers), strange new worlds (bedrooms, bathrooms, and various orifices) and exotic foods (well, pretty much just those weird pellet things and tap water).”

Sound fun you think? Does your Hamster really care? Oh, single seating only.


One response to “Pets Gadget …

  1. Rain ma faster go DIY one for the pooches lol

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