Our Weekend…..

Remember I bark in the previous post that we’re going to Animal Resort last Saturday…….. but again it RAINED. This is our 2nd attempt there n it rained. Pa said that it is my fault…cos i’m Rain. Anyway, i don’t care… fei mui n me had a good time on sat n sun.

First, Ginger 姐姐 n Zhu Zhu 妹妹 came to our place after their event @ Club4Paws and Ginger 妈 took some nice shots of me n 肥美. Btw, Pa gave Shine another nickname…. “Sphinx” ….. hahaha

Here’s the “Sphinx” haha
Yum, yum….. Shine u carrying posing for your ‘契妈’ don’t

come disturb me….keke

Shine : “Zhu Zhu 姐姐…. come see what 哥 is eating….. it looks yum

After a feast at our place, we set-off to Animal Resort… but …. hiaz…. it started to rain….. 😦

However, Sunday was a perfect day for us to go Tanjong Beach…. (hahaha …. yes…. it’s Tanjong Beach again)

Rain :”This is our new life jacket, cool right”

Pa: your 契爷 said you look like horse in armour …

Pa :”It can also be a handy carrier…. hahaha”
Shine :”哥, 没有一点像我, don’t panic… just swim….”
The infamous surfboard duo “Rain n Shine”
Rain in deep thoughts…haha
Rain :”Aiya…. act too much… abit tired liao…”
Shine :”哥…. what so nice…. i also want to 看”
Shine :”I think 妈’s 大腿 nicer”
Shine: I think I’m hungry 了 …
Here’s a nice pic of me n gor with 契爷

We had loads of fun @ Tanjong Beach last Sunday…. so what’s up for us this weekend….keke …. PaMa we’re looking forward hor..


One response to “Our Weekend…..

  1. Haha. My 2 God child so cute. The Sphinx one is good. Really sama sama. Incase you guys never notice. Look at those fatty paws… aiyo..feel like biting them…….. 🙂

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