Another doggy Saturday …

We have a hard life. Need to work on weekday, thinking can rest on weekend, but our kids want us to bring them go ‘gai gai’.

We don’t have enough sleep you know! Some more got to carry two 5Kg lump of flesh … ‘siong ah’.

Anyway, we met up with Ginger Ma and Zhu Zhu Ma @ Club4Paws …

Shine: Should I jump into the water??? 哥哥 said the water have ghost that pull you down ~~~
Shine: Ma Ma, I think I have stomach cramp … need to see Dr. Grace Heng :p
Ma Ma: Si Cha Bor, Ka Nin Bu Loh Zui!!!
Shine: m~ m~ m~ torturing …
Pa pa: Ha ~ ten laps liao … Kua Li Si Beh … Ha Ha Ha …
Rain: Kor Lian 猪, I come 陪 you
Rain: Kor kor coming … hee ~ actually I want to 上镜 only lah 😉
Rain: Count on me, 肥猪狗, count on me to bring safe to shore … ha ~~

After spending more then two hours at Club4Paws, we went with Zhu Zhu Ma and Ginger Ma to Bishan Dog Run. Well, our primary intention is: the shag the dogs out … ha ha ha …

Shine: I don’t want to run any more … I so shag-a-doo-doo ~
Devil: Come little children … f~o~o~d~ ….
Rain: me and my sister will follow you, Devil … just give us food … yeah yeah yeah …

It has been a very fun day and the dogs are now sleeping soundly, beside us.

Though we complain, but we 心甘情愿 to bring them out want lah …



3 responses to “Another doggy Saturday …

  1. haha, me now whole body ache cum headache, why is it tht they r the one always happy and we humans suffer.

  2. Haha.. Cannot complain lah.. weekend dan got time to bring them out so hv to let them have fun till they drop dead lor. But their energy we no fight lah. she manage to sleep from around 9pm all the way till 6 35am before she came in to wake us up. Sigh… She everyday alarm clock lah. Poor me…

  3. How can like this!?! 😀 This is also good exercise for hoomans!

    ❤ our dogs and keep ourselves fit, 1 stone 2 birds. 🙂

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