~ Happy Birthday Rain Chan ~

Rain was born on 12th Mar 2008, Wednesday. It so happen that we saw an advertisement regarding a 4yrs old JRT that was found in Bukit Batok area and awaits someone to adopt him.

So we went to Mutts & Mittens to check him out. Turn out, he is not really the boy that we want, we left.

Across Mutts and Mittens, is Pets Hotel and we are attracted by the Phra Phrom altar there. We walk up and pay our respect as well as pray that the JRT will find a good home. Not far from the altar is Rayrul Kennel and so we walk up to it and meant only to just look see.

The shop house a glass wall full of different varieties of puppies, all in the comfort of an air-con room. At the corner, outside the air-con room, in a stainless steel cage, there lies a little puppy, whining for attention. A local-X JRT, tag “Cheap S$250 only” hand written on a cardboard.

Bee was immediately captivated by this little boy. I was a little resistant because I fear any possible weakness or sickness in this puppy and that will break our heart. So I talk Bee to go further Farmway 2 to “look for a nicer JRT.”

It seems that Phra Phrom has a gift for us and HE restrain us from leaving the vicinity of Pets Hotel by pouring rain … very heavy rain.

So, we walk back to Rayru Kennel, took shelter there and once again, took sight of the little going cheap local-X JRT.

He melts our heart and we decided to bring him home. On the way back, he was shivering and whining – not of cold but of uncertainty. No matter how much assurance Bee gave, it will not be comforted. It goes on till we reach home and he soon settle down and shortly, fell asleep, like a little baby. At that point, my heart went out to him and accepted him with love.

Honestly speaking, I don’t like him initially because he is so “fearful” unlike any JRT I’ve met. Furthermore, he has more black then tan. But all these feeling soon give way to his ……………. Now I can’t imagine if he will ever leave us …

Did I said it was raining? In fact it rain for three days non-stop, that’s where he got his name, Rain.

Rain came on the 24th August 2008, Sunday afternoon, the very date that Shine was born.

Ever since, he has been an important family member to the Chan … not just in the house, but in our heart as well. We will always lookout for activities to include him. To the extend that we eventually bought an OP-Car so that we can ferry him with ease.

He has given us renew purposes … found new friends … tackling new challenges … and make our hearts long for home instead of Pub.

He also cause me to loose 8Kg in the span of 6 months – due to exercises, long walks and jog, and not due to stress.

It doesn’t matter when we may be apart physically. You have lock my karma to you, may I have the mean to care for you and lead you to ultimate freedom … to nirvana in all future lives.

Happy birthday, Rain …


8 responses to “~ Happy Birthday Rain Chan ~

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  2. HAPPY BARKDAY TO RAIN, its ur barkday, no wonder its been raining recently haha

  3. Bubble's Daddee

    Happy Birthday to my god son! 🙂 Look at the 2nd and 3rd pics. His ears were HUGE!! Wahahahahaha..

  4. Happy Birthday RAIN !!!
    Rain is really a charming boy..I love his blacks !he’s lucky to have u both and I believe there’s special affinities that led u both to him on that fateful day…


  5. Hapy barkday Rain!!:) Lucky Rain, and a really touching story of how u got him!:)

  6. Ya ya.. So touching. We must give this man an Award liow. Bee Hong, don’t worry. We won’t give him a Tiger or Thai Girl. kekekekekeke…

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