Funny Truths about life in small Singapore

Personally feels that this is quite true about most Singaporeans……….

1 Nite – Sleep with air-con, Day – Bathe with heater on
2 Day – Cannot wake up, Nite – Cannot sleep
3 Cigarettes – Convenient to buy; not convenient to smoke
4 Chewing Gum – Can chew, cannot buy (restricted to buying)
5 Smell of rubbish besides letterboxes, rubbish inside letterboxes
6 Private Cars – Cheaper & cheaper to buy, harder & harder to maintain
7 Education – Teachers teaching less but expects students to learn more
8 High tech barbaric Singaporeans – know how to use state-of -the art equipment, but dunno how to use a simple dustbin or a toilet
9 There are quite a number of rich/poor in singapore – The have car, credit card, CPF ….. but no cash & lots of loans
10 Translation is needed between Singapoerean Chinese & Mainland Chinese
11 Singaporean never like to vote, but like to complain
12 Half Singaporeans rushed to buy Hello Kitty, but the other half busy killing stray cats
13 Public Bus – Half the crowd squeeze in the front section of the Bus, second section is for carry ‘ghost’


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