The Cost of Owning a Dog …

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The Cost of Owning a Dog

I like to share something here, keeping a dog is not as expensive as long as you know some cost saving ways but effective ways. Here are two:

1. Save vet bill – most dogs have skin problems, rashes or active dogs like ours constantly have bruise marks or minor scratches. No need to visit the vet, use chlorhexidine, you can buy from Guardian Pharmacy, 100ml @ $3.70. Get an another small spray bottle, and pour in the amount that the spray bottle can hold. Every time you need it, just administer it on your kid (external only) while you can keep the un-used in a fridge (even though the instruction tells you that you should discard it within 24hours once open). If it changes colour, however, throw it away and get a new one. One bottle can last you more then 3 months depend on the usage. We recommend it to other pawrents and they are more then satisfied. They name it as 神奇水.

2. Groom your kids – I suppose brushing, nail clipping and cleaning of the ears are not difficult to do. The most difficult is nail clipping. If it freaks you out, you can try the Motorise Nail Filer. This thing actually works and work very well.

3. Fun need not be expensive – yes, playing fetch with they favorite and smelly (their smell) tennis ball, compete on stair-case running are very fun games and it’ll burn their energy in no time. Not forgetting the cheap and effective ice-cube, they will be having fun – guarantee.

4. Treats – no need anything fancy.
4a. If you have a dehydrator, you can create your own treats.
4b. If you use to make soup (Cantonese style), you can remove the pork-ribs before you add the salt or 味精. Roast the cooked pork-ribs in a oven till it turns golden brown, and your kids are ready to have a great treats that will last for at least an hour.
4c. If you dog has a favorite kibble, use that as their treats. In this case, you must be either on food rotation method or your kid will not find the kibble extremely “tasty”

The above will result in major saving, but that only takes care of their external needs. For internal needs, you should not compromise on the quality of their food. Give them the best that you can afford. It will save you hefty vet bills.

Our monthly expenses for our kids, which actually only comes from their food and treats, are less then $200.00. That’s partly because Bee bought them too many quality treats, which Cesar Millan objects to.

Anyway, they only have 10+ years to “spend” your money, which you probably have spent thousands or millions of you parents.

Cost of a companionship = priceless …
Impact of your love = eternal …


One response to “The Cost of Owning a Dog …

  1. very good and useful tips 🙂
    chlorhexidine comes in handy to clean wounds and minor rashes.

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