Aggressive Dog ≠ Bad Dog

Let me share our experiences of Shine with you.

We got Shine when she was just a 2 month old puppy. Back then she was already like a little pig. Got her home…. everything seems well with a little bit of puppy bite here and there.

As Shine grows, her bitting gets worst. She just simply snap whenever she likes. We were so worried about this little girl that Frasir almost wanted to send her to a behavior specialist. We did not even dare to let Rain out when she’s out roaming in the hall. That means Rain n her take turns to come out of their playpen.

2 months into having Shine home, we decided that she and Rain should play together in the hall. Frasir did alot of reading on puppy aggressiveness, dominance, play-bitting, how to handle a puppy etc, and he is certain that they are only play-bitting. But, to me, their play-bitting was getting abit out of hand.

Shine is always the one wanting to dominate, at that time, we’re wandering if she is 1 of the few females dominance. She even show signs that she wants to dominate me! She bark, growl and of cos bite me when i’m trying to discipline her.

With all these barking, growling, bitting and paper training….. i was really at the verge of breaking down. Thank goodness… Frasir was always there to give me the encouragement and support.

We will always discuss about her good points and convince one another that she’ll grow to be a cute and lovely girl…. which, now she is…..

I’m really glad that we stood by what we believe…… Shine is now a cute and lovely girl… (wouldn’t comment on the part the she doesn’t bite anymore, hehe)

My personal view :
Shower our fur kids with love and care (discipline is also needed)… and i believe they’ll reciprocate with more.
The bonding cultivated through the love, discipline and care given to them is beyond words.

Shine when she just came to our family… isn’t she cute
Fat girl…. see her tummy…
Who would have guessed that behind these heart-melting eyes…. is a “Jack Russell Terror” …
Another of those ‘melt’ your heart shot …
So cute ….. but 骗人的
My cute, lovely Shine… can sleep anywhere, anytime, any pose….hehe

2 responses to “Aggressive Dog ≠ Bad Dog

  1. camry had the very same issues too! She is an alpha female, even up till today. As long as no one humps her, she’s fine, but she cant tolerate others humping her. haa.. Shine’s really really adorable! hee..:)

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