Bubble’s Trial Stay

Bubble’s Pa and Ma is going for a holiday, so they brought Bubble over to stay with us for 2 nights and see if we can ‘tolerate’ her.

Bubble was unsettled initially but after awhile she couldn’t resist Rain and Shine’s invitation to play and she started to join in their ‘wrestling match’. She even had a F1 race with Shine… running around in the house.

All the 3 of them waiting patiently for…… dinner of cos.. PS: see the “kapala” behind no wonder they so well-behaved
Rain : “hey pretty, give me a kiss leh. Ma and Pa are having dinner, they won’t notice one”
Rain : “Oh-oh… I’m in compromising position with Bubble. Don’t tell Pa and Ma of my advance or else I get Shine to pluck off all your fur”
Bubble : “Shine…. protect me…” Shine : “Choy Lei Dou Shaw (read in cantonese)”

2 responses to “Bubble’s Trial Stay

  1. hahahaha Bubble’s so cute!!
    Really nice meeting all of you guys today!! 🙂 keke hope to meet up with you guys again soon!!

  2. “kapala” hahahaa, long time never heard of a such term since 70~80s . . . 🙂

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