My 1st………

Today is a big day for me…hehehe…. is my first day to roam free n easy when Pa & Ma goes to work. Wow… the feeling is wonderful… shiok…
Shine and Bubble have to be confined because Pa and Ma said “don’t know what will happen to the house if we let 3 JRTs roam free N easy in the house”
Hahaha…. wise choice. I’m such a good boy, i didn’t mess up anything (i thought) but when MaMa came back, she thought otherwise……

I didn’t create this mess…. Bubble shredded the papers… i just took it out from the playpan
Look at the mess Bubble made… but it’s nothing compared to what Shine did the last time
Rain ah, you open the toilet door for what ah??
I didn’t mess up the floor, the toys were already there when u left for work hor
Serve you right, kenna scolding

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