Fate brought us together

Times are bad, we all know especially this year, not knowing what will happen next especially in your job.
But there is one small thing that I would like to share with you, is the promise we’ve given to our fur-kids, “we’ll never abandon or re-home you, regardless of what happens”

If you believe in fate, 前世今生, the day we got Rain home is the same day Shine is born. We got Shine on the 8th of Nov… which is the same date as Rain’s birthday.
I personally feels that this creates an invisible bond between frasir, me and our fur-kids.
Times are bad, yes, but there are always ways that we can work out to pull it through with them.
Abandoning them is NOT A SOLUTION.


2 responses to “Fate brought us together

  1. All events link together, all lives are related. Denying is not the solution, like you rightly said.

  2. u r right..I believe there are certain affinities between we furkids and our hoomans..and that’s why we are their furkid this lifetime..heee


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