Pictures….. pictures…. pictures….

Haiz…. wonder when will ma start to post our gorgeous pics on the blog. I kept hearing mama say… “haiz, your papa also haven’t teach me how to upload pics and video. You all know la…. mama is totally at a loss with all these”
Mama promise she’ll get papa to teach her during the CNY break n she promise to upload all the pics.
Let’s all keep our fingers cross. I really hope mama can do it soon cos we’re going to Sentosa on the 3rd day of CNY with JoJo, Bubble, Snowy, DoDo n Momo, Camry and many many more….
I don’t 1 mama to miss posting our pics on that day…. Mama jia you….


One response to “Pictures….. pictures…. pictures….

  1. Hello! Rain&Shine PaMa can we link your blog? 🙂

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