I Tripped MaMa……

Papa was home early on Tuesday….. so Ma n Pa decided to bring me n kor down for long walks….. wah… happy…. sun still up….if not, everytime when we go down its so dark… cannot see properly.

We walked along the canal just downstairs….n it was so windy… it almost blew me n mama away…hahaha…

Towards the end of the canal where they are doing some upgrading work… papa n mama decided to tired us out… make us run up n down the steps… silly they also will get tired 1 what…

Suddenly i heard this loud bang, n i saw mama lying on the floor. I tried to climb on her back to see what happen, but papa push me away. Kor was sitting just infront of ma, stunned!

Papa was so worried n didn’t know what to do. He was afraid that ma might have fractured or broken any bone…hehehe.. but ma is a tough ger like me, hehe… she got up n assure us that she is ok. I saw bad bruises on her elbow n knee cap. But ma kept saying ‘i’m ok…don’t worry…i’m ok’

Nowadays, when we’re out playing… papa will say ‘careful don’t let fat ger trip u again’

Fat ger!?!?!?! is it me they’re referring to????? Hey, I’m not fat… I’m just big bone..hehehe


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